Employment FAQ

How do I become a St. Louis County officer?

There are several requirement an individual must meet to become a St. Louis County Police officer: 

  • Must be 21 years old or applicant must reach their 21st birthday by the time of completion of the academy training course. 
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen
  • Must have either an associate's degree or 64 semester credit hours from an accredited university of college. Both require a cumulative average letter grade of “C” or a cumulative GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale or equivalent, OR A high school diploma or GED with one year full-time prior police experience or two years of military service. Police experience can be in a civilian position with the St. Louis County Police Department designated by the Chief as part of the Department’s Cadet Program
  • Military: "Honorable" discharge or discharge "Under Honorable Conditions" if having served in the military. 
  • Application for Police Officer positions must be submitted on-line.

Get full employment details on our Careers section. 

Does the department hire non-police/professional staff?

Yes. Our department currently employs nearly 300 professional staff personnel.  They perform a myriad of job functions. Ongoing job openings include
Public Safety Dispatcher
Records Clerk
C.A.R.E. Operator
 Learn more about our professional staff employment opportunities.

Does the County Police require residency for employment?

No, you do not need to live in St. Louis County to work for our department. 

Does the County Police offer internships?

Yes.  The St. Louis County Police Intern receive exposure to an extensive array of Department resources in each of the Department's Divisions. Applications due: Spring - November 15th; Summer -April 15th; Fall -July 31st

Does the County Police offer summer opportunities for youth?

Those interested in athletic activities may join the Police Athletic League (PAL). For more information, contact the PAL Coordinator. Email : [email protected]
Phone : 314-458-5186

Where is the Police Academy located?

The St. Louis County and Municipal Academy is located at: 

1266 Sutter Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63133-1934
Call: (314) 889-8600 for further details.

How do I get paid during my academy training?

If you meet the requirements to be hired by the St. Louis County Police, you are an employee and will be paid 30% of your salary while you attend basic training at the Police Academy. Visit the St. Louis County Police Academy Page for more details.

Is the County Police Academy like Highway Patrol where you stay overnight?

No the St. Louis County and Municipal Academy is Monday through Friday 7am - 430pm