Background Checks

Criminal History Record Checks are requested by individuals for a number of reasons. The St. Louis County Police Department can provide checks for both St. Louis County and St. Louis City.

Forms may be obtained in person, or may be downloaded: St. Louis County Notarized Statement for Record Check (pdf)

Identification Required

Criminal History Record Checks may be obtained by applying in person with the following identification:

  • Drivers License - Missouri
  • Drivers License AND Social Security Card (if SSN is not on license) NOTE: a SSN card is required if presenting an out-of-state Drivers License
  • Birth Certificate, original or sealed copy AND Social Security Card AND picture ID
  • Military Identification
  • Immigration and Naturalization ID AND Social Security Card
  • Missouri State Identification
  • State Identification AND Social Security Card if SSN not on ID (if out-of-state ID)
  • Legible Traffic Citations with Social Security Number AND Picture ID

If using more than one type of identification, i.e. Drivers License and Social Security Card, both forms of identification must be in the same name. A Marriage Certificate/Divorce Decree/Court Documents are required for any legal name change.

Eligibility and Cost

The St. Louis County Police Department will provide arrest/conviction information directly to an individual, or to a second party - in person or by mail - if that second party can present a notarized statement signed by the subject named in the record check. A record check cost, for a criminal history record check for incidents that occurred within St. Louis County is $4.50 and a criminal history record check for incidents that occurred within the City of St. Louis is $4.50. The total cost for a City and County Record Check is $9.00.

Checks or money orders should be made payable to The Treasurer of St. Louis County.

Special Provisions - Open Arrests and Wanted/Outstanding Warrants

The record information will include open arrest and conviction information from St. Louis County and conviction information only from St. Louis City. Please note that an open arrest is not considered a conviction. Employers are advised to consult with EEOC laws and regulations relating to use of arrest/conviction information for employment practices.

The St. Louis County Police Department will not issue complete records transcripts on individuals who are currently wanted or have an outstanding warrant from St. Louis County. In these cases, the forms will be returned without a record check and with only the County wanted/warrant information noted. After the individual has cleared the wanted or warrant, the record check should be requested again to show the updated record.

Employer Checks

All employers will be required to:

  • utilize the St. Louis County arrest information form,
  • submit a separate notarized statement containing full name, date of birth, social security number, race, sex, and signature from the subject,
  • make payment of $9.00 per application ($4.50 for County record check and $4.50 for City record check).

Should you have any questions regarding these procedures or policies, call the Bureau of Central Police Records at (314) 615-5317 during regular business hours.