community engagement

 The St. Louis County Police is committed to our citizens through neighborhood policing.  Reaffirmed in 2014, the Department’s belief is that community engagement is paramount for a police department and constant maintenance of that engagement is a requirement in modern policing. Programs such as UCAN and PAL detailed in this report represent important steps forward for community relations.

Police Athletic League

The St. Louis County Police Athletic League (PAL) is an organization in which members of the police department coach young boys and girls in sports, help with homework and other school-related activities. The purpose is to build character, help strengthen police-community relations, and deter children from becoming involved in criminal activity. Our programs are not only focused on sports but also youth enrichment with educational and youth leadership programs. Learn More.

Citizen Police Academy

Citizens Police Academies have been developed as a means to inform and educate citizens about police operations, the justice system, and their partnership. Course outlines have been developed for each session, tailored to the age or interests of the group.  Contact your Precinct for more information about upcoming Citizens Academy classes. 

Police Welfare Association

The Welfare Association is a non-profit organization which acts as a support alliance for members and their families in times of need. All employees are members of the Welfare Association, by virtue of their employment with the Department.

Members of the Association's Board of Trustees are elected by the employees and, with approval of the Chief of Police, work to develop appropriate guidelines for the impartial distribution of funds to employees and their families in times of need. The Trustees also oversee the management of available resources and organize or direct various fund-raising activities. Visit The Police Welfare Foundation's Website.

St Louis County Police Family Association

It is the mission of the St. Louis County Police Family Association to pledge assistance, guidance, and emotional support to current and retired police employees, and their families. It is the Family Association’s main focus to help alleviate strain, and help celebrate families.  Email: [email protected]

Teen Police Academy

Teen Police Academies are offered by the various precincts as a means to inform and educate local teenagers about law enforcement and the justice system. Course outlines have been developed for each session, tailored to the age or interests of the group. Teen groups receive information about dealing with issues by which they are most often confronted, resistance strategies, problem resolution, etc. Check your precinct's newsletters to determine when the next academy is scheduled.