Vacation Inspection Program

The Vacation Inspection Program is a service offered to St. Louis County Residents by the St. Louis County Police Department. Upon your request, an officer will check your residence daily while you are on vacation.

How Can I Participate?

Contact your local precinct and tell them that you would like to make a Vacation Inspection Request.

Have the following information available:

  • Street address
  • Home phone number
  • Date leaving
  • Date returning
  • Basic questions about house (Are there going to be timers? Is there an alarm system? etc...)
  • Is mail delivery going to be stopped?
  • Vehicles left behind (Year, Make, Model, Color, License, Location)
  • Name, address, and phone number of an emergency local contact
  • Address and phone number where you can be reached (mobile phone number, if available)

What Additional Things Can I Do to Make My Home Safer While I'm Gone?

Check out the Vacation Safety Tips section of our Burglary Prevention brochure for some suggestions.

What Do I Do When I Return From Vacation?

When you return, contact your local precinct immediately upon arrival to verify that you have returned and everything is in order.