City of Jennings Precinct (8th)

Captain Jason Law, Commander


On behalf of the Jennings Precinct Team, I welcome you to the St. Louis County Police Website.

The Jennings Precinct is a full service police precinct with over 42 officers that are dedicated to their profession.  Each of our team members are focused on providing a great police product to the citizens of Jennings MO.   The three objectives my team will be focused on will be police enforcement, education, and community engagement.

My team will be kept up to date on all crime trends regionally as well in the city of Jennings MO.  We will keep our community leaders and steak holders up to date with the city’s crime and work with these leaders and steak holders to provide an extremely tailored police service to the citizens of Jennings.

We will educate our community on current crime trends and ask for their feedback through all of our community engagement events.  We plan on increasing engagement with the citizens of Jennings MO through or neighborhood watch programs, business watch programs, citizen police academy programs, and our citizen’s police academy alumni.  

We will keep a close relationship with the Jennings School District and keep the lines of communication open at all times.  We will engage our children in the community through our P.A.L. program, CAPL program, and the C.H.E.S.S program. We will continue to work tirelessly to keep the children of this community safe.

Precinct Goals

  • Continue and expand community engagement in our programs
  • Continued reduction of crime in the upcoming year
  • Provide the community with quality police services
  • Work with businesses to reduce crime in business districts

Precinct Boundaries

Click map of the City of Jennings Precinct, that includes boundaries, major highways, municipality names, and surrounding communities.