All police organizations operate under a set of written procedures to be followed in a wide range of situations.  St. Louis County Police Department's procedures are designed to give officers, investigators, civilian employees, and command staff a clear guide to dealing with the wide variety of situations that police personnel must handle, and a set of instructions for ensuring that all services are offered and accomplished in an effective, legal, and ethical manner.  Policies and procedures must be read and acknowledged by all personnel to whom they apply, and in some cases, there are tests to assure understanding.   

Bulletins provide updates specific to a time or situation and are issued as a means for dissemination of information or instructions that do not warrant a formal order.

General Orders are standing written directives with Department-wide applicability.

Manuals are issued to prescribe policies, rules, regulations and procedures relating to specific subject areas.

Special Orders are directives that apply to isolated events or incidents or are otherwise temporary in nature.

The Board of Police Commissioners shall be in charge of the police department.

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