Inside the Police Department

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The St. Louis County Police Department is comprised of approximately 1015 commissioned officers and 328 professional staff members.  With specialized divisions, crime labs, and numerous municipal services offered throughout St. Louis County, our department is the largest in the region.  We serve one million residents directly and indirectly.  We have dedicated staff handle everything from records requests to major criminal investigations.  Honored with the Tri-Arc CALEA accreditation, our vision is to provide quality policing to every citizen of we come in contact with and perform our duties with dignity and service to our fellow man. 

Division of Patrol

The Division of Patrol has eight precincts that are strategically located throughout the county to serve our citizens. They are North County, Central County, Affton Southwest, South County, Fenton Precinct, Wildwood Precinct, West County Precinct and the City of Jennings Precinct . Each precinct is assigned a Captain as its Commander.  Over 400 uniformed officers work within each Division. Click on the Division of Patrol title for more information or the precinct name for precinct-specific pages.

Division of Special Operations

The Division of Special Operations consists of specially trained Officers, Emergency Management Specialists, specialized vehicles, specialized equipment, K-9 Units, Metro-Air Support, Metro-Link Support, a Crisis Intervention Team Coordinator, Court Security, and Chaplains that maintain readiness 24/7. The Bureau of Patrol Support utilizes the Tactical Operations Unit which responds to events that requires the use of specialized training and tactics. The Metro Air Support Unit, the Highway Safety Team, and the Police Canine Unit provide additional support to the Police Department.

Division of Criminal Investigations

The Division of Criminal Investigation serves as the formal investigative branch of the department and is divided into six separate Bureaus - Crimes Against Persons, Crimes Against Property, Drug Enforcement, Criminal Identification, Fugitive Affairs, and Administration. Further information on each and ways to contact parties in each bureau is available here.

Division of Operational Support

The Division of Operational Support is concerned with training, technology, record keeping and security services. The Bureau of Staff Services delivers administrative support services to the Department. The Bureaus of Computer Services and of Communications develop and implement technological innovations to assure the most effective and up-to-the-minute law enforcement. The Bureau of Central Police Records maintains all Department law enforcement records, while the Bureau of Security Services provides a safe environment within Government facilities for our citizens and employees in which to visit and work.

Division of Human Resources

Division of Human Resources is responsible for all aspects of recruitment, hiring, and the administration of promotional processes within the department.  The Division also maintains personnel records, coordinates health and medical benefits, and background investigations.  Personnel Services are also in this Division.

Office of the Chief

The Office of the Chief of Police consists of the Chief, the Chief's Administrative Aide, Police Contract Services Unit, Media Relations, Bureau of Research and Analysis,  and the Intelligence Unit.